Guitar Transcription of Ligeti’s Cello Sonata

I transcribed this a couple of months ago as it seemed a slow, manageable and beautiful piece for someone new to classical guitar such as myself. And indeed it largely is, though it takes a careful, sensitive guitarist to make it sing. Note that I haven’t scored the second movement because it seemed beyond my ability to play.

I haven’t included fingering as I personally like to do that myself as I learn a piece, and hate when a score comes cluttered with annotations. Musically, the guitar score is essentially the same, but one tone higher, and with the sixth string tuned to D. I removed the glissandi on the pizzicato chords as that seemed impractical on the guitar. This is the most substantial difference between the original version and the transcription.

I was slightly irritated to find that some other guitarist had gotten there first in playing Ligeti’s Cello Sonata on guitar. However, he’s not giving out a free score, so this should post should be of use to someone.

Here’s the link to the PDF

And if you’d rather just look at it on this page, here’s the score in image format:Ligeti Cello Sonata_0001.png

Ligeti Cello Sonata_0002