Musical Challenges à la Radio 3

BBC Radio 3 have a musical challenge every morning in which a piece is either reversed or mixed with another piece, and you have to work out what it is. Or they play a piece and you have to work out its association. For example, they might play Vaughan William’s London Symphony, without telling you the title or composer, and the association would of course be London. I thought it would be fun to make my own, so here it goes:

1. The music has been reversed. Can you figure out what song it is, and for a bonus point, who’s singing?

2. Two pieces have been mixed together. Can you name them and their composers? [Update: youtube blocked the audio so here it is on Soundcloud instead]

3. Which composer, viheulist and king link this piece?

I put the answers on a separate page to help avoid accidentally seeing them. Here’s the link.