David Braid — Upon Silver Trees

David Braid is a British composer whose new album of ‘Songs, Solos and Duos’ comes out next week. I for one can’t wait. His music is unabashedly tonal. It has counterpoint, melodies, harmonic rhythm — everything that is wonderful about music yet has become all too rare. (ETA: Check out Morning, for example.) I have quoted this before, but his advice for young composers is too good not to repeat:

I would say to a young composer – be a rebel! Write something in D major, annoy your professor, but make it so damned interesting and beautiful that he/she has nothing to say; that is the real challenge for us now.

A month ago one of the songs from this album was released, Upon Silver Trees, and I am really quite taken with it. It is rare enough to find a classical song that is beautiful is the traditional sense of the word, let alone to find one as exquisite as this. I have actually found myself singing it in the shower — and there is no greater compliment than that! What makes this song particularly special is the inclusion of an archtop guitar (alongside piano and voice). The archtop guitar has a mellow sound; its tone is not altogether unlike the classical guitar. And as it’s amplified it can easily compete with a piano, even while playing softly. Here, the guitar floats alongside the piano, often doubling it, then in the instrumental pauses it flies away to perform one of Braid’s attractive melodies. I can’t think of anything that sounds quite like it. I must also praise Emily Gray who sings with a light touch, as it were, and with excellent enunciation.


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