Revising This Blog

This post is just to clear my conscience as I delete a bunch of old posts. It should be of no interest to anyone but me and that anonymous cyber-stalker from Vietnam (xin chao, whoever you are) who keeps appearing on the blog’s stats.

I’ve purged the blog of all the explicitly political content, which was pretty much half the blog, and am reorienting it towards music. So just because I deleted a post on X doesn’t mean I don’t believe X anymore, and all that. There are also some music posts I would like to delete or heavily edit, as I am writing this blog while my understanding of music is still very much in its formative years. The blog’s utility is in testing out thoughts and practising and discovering how one actually writes about music.

Saying that, according to the sites stats I can’t have been doing especially well at it so far. A significant amount of traffic has come from rather foul search terms invariably containing the word ‘sex’. Apparently I had an article with the word in it, and also the words ‘binge’ and ‘prom’, which gave me a large number of confused visitors that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. I assure you the blog post was in fact very innocent: ‘prom’ referred to a BBC Proms concert, ‘binge’ to a complaint about drinking behaviour, and ‘sex’ to a person’s male or female status.

But perhaps the oddest search term that led to this site is, ‘how does a vampire unborn foetus looks like?’ That one, I can’t explain away.


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